Politika privatnosti

On this page, you can read Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry Privacy policy:

Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry has a 70 year tradition. We highly respect our customers and you can be sure that we shall treat you in the same manner. We do not want to disturb your privacy and you can be sure that all data you provide will be confidental and that no one will be able to abuse this information or use it for any other purposes.

You should enter accurate data about your name and surname, e-mail address, contact phone and address, so that we can successfully process your purchase. We will deliver to you the products that you have purchased using this information. Your personal data will not be used for marketing or any other purposes, unless you give your consent.

Upon completing payment for the products from the basket (i.e. appropriation of payment at the bank) the Buyer is transferred to the website of the bank which carries out the transaction, so that Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry does not have access to data from the Buyers payment card. The payment procedure is protected by the most up-to-date techniques and is fully secure for the Buyer, as guaranteed by the Processor, Banka Intesa AD Beograd. At no time will data about the payment card be available to our system, and considering this, the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry shall not be responsible for its abuse.

In the name of the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry we commit ourselves to the protection of our customers privacy. We collect only necessary, basic data about buyers/users and the data required for doing business and informing users in accordance with good trade practices and with the aim of offering high-quality service. All data about users/buyers shall be confidential and available only to employees who need them in order to do their jobs. All employees of Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry (and its business partners) are obliged to obey the principle of confidentiality.