Branded Diamonds

Brendirani dijamanti

Canadian branded diamonds CANADAMARK are have a certificate that guaranties origin and quality. Every diamond that comes out of Canadian mines has its unique tracking number this number enables you to check the origin of your diamond at any time.

You are already used to the fact that in Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry house, you get a certificate with every bought diamond that guaranties its origins and quality. And from now on, we offer a unique possibility, along with the other characteristics, to give your diamond a unique tracking number. This number is engraved on the girdle of the diamond with a a cold laser, so the stone is absolutely safe from any kind of damage. With this number, our customer can check the origin of the diamond at any time.

CANADAMARK are high quality diamonds with perfect treatment and they are mined in Canadian mines. The entire project was created with great help and devotion of Canadian government.And now, you too can become a proud owner of such a diamond if you decide to shop at Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. With a small fee, you will get a branded CANADAMARK certificate and your unique tracking number.IMPORTANT NOTICE: Branded diamonds are preordered especially for you. You choose the size, shape and quality you desire. Estimated time for delivery is about a month.