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The key to your beauty
and perfection
is this pendant
that will sparkle on
your neck with
white gold and
playfull diamonds!


The famous Italian
brand, now
in Anrejevic store..

Engagement rings

An engagement ring is a symbol of a magical moment. She will cherish and wear it all her life. Diamond is the most common choice for these kind of rings, for it’s durability, tradition and it’s symbolics. Before you buy the ring, take your time to learn the basics about how to choose a diamond for engagement ring, and make your purchase sucessful and money well invested. Zlatara Andrejevic has educated experts and it imports diamonds from renowned manufacturers, so we can guarantee competitive prices and sertified quality. You can buy white and yellow gold engagement rings by Zlatara Andrejevic  on 3 locations in Belgrade.

xkp0136b Ring-with-diamonds
Ring, white gold, diamonds
220.000,00 RSD
xsp002b Ring-with-diamonds
Ring, white gold, diamonds
390.000,00 RSD
zp1419_b Ellegant-ring
Ring, white gold 14k, diamonds
24.000,00 RSD
xmp114b Ring-with-diamond
Ring, white gold, diamond
42.000,00 RSD
xkp0204z Ring-with-diamond
Ring, yellow gold, diamond
30.000,00 RSD
xmb008c/1 Ring-Wedding-Band
Ring - Weding Band
25.000,00 RSD
xkp0105ru Ring-with-ruby
Ring, white gold, ruby
40.000,00 RSD
zp1872_b Wedding-ring-with-diamond
Ring, white gold, diamonds
108.000,00 RSD
zp1624_b Classic-wedding-ring-with-diamond
Wedding ring, 14k white gold, diamond
60.000,00 RSD
zp960_b Wedding-ring-with-diamond
Wedding ring, white gold, diamond
64.000,00 RSD
zp1702_b Engagement-Ring
Engagement Ring White Gold
36.000,00 RSD
zp1872_bts Ring-with-emerald-and-diamond
Ring, white gold, diamond, emerald
72.000,00 RSD