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Engagement rings

An engagement ring is a symbol of a magical moment. She will cherish and wear it all her life. Diamond is the most common choice for these kind of rings, for it’s durability, tradition and it’s symbolics. Before you buy the ring, take your time to learn the basics about how to choose a diamond for engagement ring, and make your purchase sucessful and money well invested. Zlatara Andrejevic has educated experts and it imports diamonds from renowned manufacturers, so we can guarantee competitive prices and sertified quality. You can buy white and yellow gold engagement rings by Zlatara Andrejevic  on 3 locations in Belgrade.

xkp0040b Diamond-ring
Ring, white gold, diamond
38.000,00 RSD
xkp0270zam Ring-with-amethyst
Ring, yellow gold, amethyst
28.000,00 RSD
xmp0072b Ring-with-diamond
Ring, white gold, diamond
48.000,00 RSD
xkp0161zbsa Ring-with-sapphire-and-diamonds
Ring, yellow gold, sapphire, diamonds
85.000,00 RSD
xmp0118sm Ring-with-emerald
Ring, white gold, emerald
35.000,00 RSD
xkp0084tfz/1 Ring-Tutti-Frutti
Ring Tutti Frutti
35.000,00 RSD
xkp0191zsa Ring-with-sapphire
Ring, yellow gold, sapphire
42.000,00 RSD
xmp0187krbpdlfw Ring-Frutti-Di-Mare
Ring Frutti Di Mare
xmp0189krbtsldf Ring-Frutti-Di-Mare
Ring Frutti Di Mare
75.000,00 RSD
zp1769_zru Ring-with-ruby
Ring, yellow gold, ruby
26.000,00 RSD
xkp0045b Wedding-ring
Ring, white gold, diamond
210.000,00 RSD
xkp0008fsa Ring-with-fancy-sapphire
Ring, white gold, fancy sapphire
50.000,00 RSD