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Terms and conditions of Purchase

The terms and conditions of purchase define the rules that should be observed by both the Seller and the Buyer in order to finalize sales transactions successfully, through the Internet shop of the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. The terms and conditions of purchase also define the consequences which shall be suffered by the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. and the Buyer if they fail to observe the defined rules. The Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. reserves the right to change the general provisions of purchase in accordance with new products offers and legal regulations. Therefore, before each purchase, it is necessary for the Buyer to check the information concerning the general provisions of purchase.

 General provisions

  1. Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry., E-shop, accepts VISA, MasterCard and Maestro payment cards.
  2. The users account shall be charged after the delivery of products to the Buyer.
  3. The Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. guarantees the price on the day of purchase, regardless of possible change in price before delivery. This referrs to possible increases, as well as to possible decreases in price.
  4. In case of an error during the purchase procedure (e.g. in case of disconnection with the Internet or in case the payment card processor is inaccessibile), the Buyers account shall not be charged.
  5. The Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. is obliged to pass on the purchased products, within one day, to the courier service responsible for delivery. The delivery time to the Buyers address that he/she entered during the purchasing procedure shall be no later than 6 working days, regardless of the destination in Serbia .
  6. If during the purchase procedure the Buyer enters wrong personal data or wrong data about his/her address (address for delivery of products), the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. shall not be responsible for nondelivery of the products. In such case, the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. will try to contact the Buyer and deliver the products to the new address, charging the Buyer with additional delivery costs. If this effort is unsuccessful as well, the Buyer shall be charged internal costs amounting to 450.00 dinars.
  7. In case of any misunderstandings related to the entered personal data or selected products, the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. shall contact the Buyer by phone or by e-mail, before sending the products. If the Buyer is not available, or if he/she does not answer the e-mail, the delivery time may be prolonged and the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. shall not be responsible for this.
  8. Delivery time may also be prolonged if the Buyer asks for a special alteration of the selected product. The Buyer shall be informed about this in advance.
  9. If the Buyer rejects to take the purchased products, he/she shall be charged for the incurred handling costs in the amount of 450.00 dinars, (see the Section PURCHASE WAIVER).
  10. During the promotional period, the courier services delivery costs are included in the price of products that you purchase. At the end of the promotional period, the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. shall visibly state the charges for delivery of products.
  11. When the purchase has been done, but prior to delivery of products to a home address, the specification of selected products cannot be changed.
  12. After purchase, the Buyer may find the information about the purchase status through the Internet, or by calling phone no. +381 11 30 86 850.
  13. In case of any changes or troubles concerning delivery, the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. shall try to contact the Buyer on his/her contact phone, or by e-mail address he/she stated following the purchase procedure.
  14. The Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. shall not be responsible for any claims caused by nondeliveries due to a wrong or non-existing address
  15. If for technical reasons the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. is not able to deliver the purchased products, the Buyer shall immediately be informed about this by phone, and the Buyers account shall not be charged for the particular amount.
  16. Purchases at the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. - Internet shop may be done only by physical persons of age.
  17. The Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. shall not be responsible for any transactions carried out without the knowledge of credit card owners (stolen credit cards, borrowed payment cards, children using their parents cards etc.). In case of such transactions, the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. will not refund money.

Collection of payment

Preauthorization - comprises the preauthorization of the transaction, meaning that the assets equal to the amount of the transaction are appropriated from the account of the Users/Buyers payment card, but the transaction will be carried out only upon delivery of the products/service, i.e. after the Sellers confirmation to the bank that the delivery has been completed.

Purchase waiver:

If for any reasons you choose to waive the purchase, we accept your waiver within 8 days as from delivery date, i.e. from the date of taking the product.

If within this time you decide to waive the purchase, and if you inform us about your decision in writing, we shall start the procedure of refunding the paid amount, reduced for internal handling costs.

Beforehand, you must, at your own expense and in any way, return the delivered products to our main office. Attention: do not return the products by the "Cash on delivery system"!

Important note: the products must be originally packaged, in undamaged packing, not used and complete (as they were at the time of delivery); they must also be accompanied by original purchase documents (delivery note, fiscal bill, certificate). It is also necessary that you submit a written notice about your intention to waive the purchase of the particular product, which must contain your JMBG (unique citizen registry number) as listed in your identity card. This is required for cancellation of the fiscal bill.

Money will be refunded within 30 days from the day of receiving the DULY returned products. However, if all the above mentioned conditions are not fulfilled, we shall not be able to refund the money, and the products shall be delivered to you again, at your own expense.