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How to go shopping online

The online purchase on the official E-store is a simple process. In the following article you will be guided through several steps in order to accomplish your purchase the most simple way. Please read terms of purchasing and terms of privacy.

NOTE: We do shipping within Serbia only!




The Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. More

guarantees the quality of its products. Before products are sent to a Buyer, their quality is checked by two members of a quality control board - each product is looked over for quality and correctness. A guarantee is signed accordingly by both members of the board.

The Certificate includes data about the weight and quality of the precious metals. If the product contains stones, pearls or similar ornamental additions, these are listed and described in the Certificate. Diamonds - Brilliants, contained in some of the products of Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry., have not been additionally processed in any known way, and are absolutely natural. Their weight and quality are entered in the Certificate in accordance with GIA nomenclature.

Unlike diamonds, colour stones are usually processed in some way, all over the world, in order to improve their quality and appearance, and this may also be expected with respect to the stones contained in the jewellery sold in the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry..

Depending on their kind, stones may have more or less light or dark inclusions, natural grains (inner or outer irregularities) and their colour may not be uniform. This is not considered a fault. Nevertheless, if the Buyer, due to imperfect photos and representations of the products on the Internet, is not content with the appearance of the product, the product can be returned within the time provided for (see the Section PURCHASE WAIVER).

Pearls sold by the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. or contained in the jewellery of the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. are cultivated, if not otherwise stated in the Certificate. Pearls, being produced by sea shells, may have certain irregularities and may be imperfect, but these are not considered faults.

Jewellery cannot be covered by a guarntee period because some kinds of jewellery are so delicate that they may be easily broken, dented, distorted etc. The Buyer is advised to carefully read enclosed instructions for cleaning, maintenance and handling of the jewellery.

Upon delivery, and in order to avoid any disagreements, the Buyer shall investigate the product in the presence of the deliverer and point to possible mechanical damage - in such an event, the product shall be replaced.

In the event of any trouble with jewellery purchased in the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry., please do not hesitate to ask for help in our service.







The jewellery you buy at our Internet shop will be handed to a courier service for delivery. More

IMPORTANT NOTE: we deliver goods only on the territory of Serbia . Standard delivery time for purchased goods, throughout Serbia , is 3 days, but this period may be extended by one day for purchases made on weekends. Delivery time in Belgrade and its vicinity is 2 days.
Before delivery, a courier service will contact you by phone, so it is important that you enter your correct telephone numbers when filling out the form.

If you do not state otherwise, the jewellery can be delivered exclusively to you, personally, so it is important that the courier service can find you at the agreed-upon time by phone.

In the event that your need of a purchase is urgent, you may call to inquire about the possibility of urgent delivery.

The Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry. is not responsible for deliveries that are delayed due to some objective reasons that may occur at the courier service.



With each purchased product you will get a tiny jewellery box, decorative packaging paper, a small ribbon, a Certificate and a brief manual on jewellery maintenance. More

Ring size


If you are buying a ring from our Internet shop, choose the appropriate size from among the sizes listed under the product price. More

All sizes are not available for each ring. If your size is not shown, please contact us by e-mail or by phone to inquire about the possibility of making or adjusting the ring you are interested in.

How to find the appropriate size for your finger?

The simplest way is to measure one of your rings at a local Jewellers Shop. Another way, although not so precise, is to use the option RING SIZES at our website and to measure your finger following the instructions.

Please, do read the following text:

Choosing the right size ring or a wedding ring can sometimes be a real challenge. While measuring your finger, you may have a dilemma simply because hands are living things. A finger size may change for many reasons: climate (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure), time of day, season of year, fatigue, eating, drinking, changes in body weight during the year, pregnancy, changes in your knuckles during life, etc. The person who will wear the ring must be aware of the fact that the feeling on his/her hand will not always be the same for the above mentioned reasons. Measuring, therefore, should be done when your fingers are tired. Then, while wearing the ring, you should get used to the fact that the wedding ring or the ring will sometimes fit loose and sometimes fit tight. This fluctuation is more pronounced with some people, while with others it is expressed to a lesser extent. Sizes of most wedding rings or rings (but not all) may be altered. It is recommended not to be hasty with alterations, but wear the jewellery for some time and test it in all conditions. After that, if necessary, the alteration should be made.

Before purchase:

Before purchase you should consult the seller or the goldsmith about choice of jewellery. Investigate whether the size of the jewellery that you find attractive may be altered and to what degree. This is particularly important for persons whose body weight changes often, as well as for pregnant women. Pregnant women are nevertheless advised to remove all their jewellery after sixth months of pregnancy, because their hands may swell suddenly and sometimes it is necessary to cut a ring in order to remove it.

After purchase:
If you feel that your ring fits looser or tighter than usual, do not hasten to alter its size. Your fingers will probably regain their size after some time. Frequent alterations to size will certainly not be beneficial to your jewellery. If, after a longer period, you find it necessary to alter your jewellery, take it to your goldsmith to alter it. In any case, jewellery is purchased to be worn. One more tip: if you are not certain which size to select, a ring that you have worn in all conditions may help. The goldsmith will easily measure its size and tell you what your real size is. If the width of the lower part of the ring you intend to buy differs significantly from the width of your old ring, an experienced goldsmith will take this into account, because a thin ring does not feel the same as a wide and massive one.
Attention: if you like to wear loose rings, be sure they cannot slip from your fingers easily and cannot be easily lost. The exception is swimming in the sea, or in a swimming-pool. These are occasions when your wedding ring or other ring may easily slip from your finger, and because your fingers are thinner due to cold water. This is, in fact, the most common way people lose jewellery. It is, therefore, recommended that you remove your valuable jewellry when going to the beach. It will be safer and it will not get scratched by sand.


Steps leading to purchase


In searching our website, when you find the product you want to buy, in the drop down menu >> Select the model<< click on the appropriate price . More

Do the same concerning the size, if you want to buy a ring. By putting the product into the basket, you come to the first step.


Step 1 : The product you have selected is displayed together with its detailed description and price. At this point you may continue with your purchase if you click on >>Add more products << , or you may move on to the payment procedure if you click on >>Next<<.


Step 2 : At this point you should enter your personal data and data related to delivery. It is important that all the data are entered properly so that we can deliver the products to you within the agreed upon time. The same is valid for your phone numbers, because the courier service will contact you before delivery.

Step 3 : At this point the selected product will be displayed, together with the total amount for payment, and all the personal data you have entered. Read these carefully and make changes if necessary by returning to the previous steps. At any time you may skip to step 1 or 2 by clicking on the appropriate rectangle on the right.


Step 4 : If you are content with your choice and you click on >>Payment<<, you will be forwarded to the presentation of the payment cards processor. It is not possible to chage the data any more. Your Internet browser might ask you to access the "e-commerce" page and you should accept it in order to proceed with payment procedure.


On this HTTPS page you should enter data about your payment card. All the data exchanged between your browser and the WEB server are encrypted and protected by 128Bit SSL. The official processor of payment cards through the Internet for the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry is Banca Intesa Beograd. The data that you enter on this page will not be available to the Andrejevic Fine Diamond Jewelry., so that neither we, nor anyone else, shall be able to see or store this data. Banca Intesa Beograd guarantees the security of the data you enter on the e-commerce page.


Step 5: At this point we inform you about the results of the purchase and payment.



What can be purchased


Only products with listed prices may be paid by payment cards and purchased online. More

The products for which prices are not listed cannot be purchased at our Internet shop, but using the option >>PRICE REQUEST << you may get the information about such jewellery by e-mail.

Information about purchasing possibilities, orders, possible alterations etc., may be obtained by e-mail, or during working hours by phone. +381 11 3086850 and +381 11 2447361.